Vamers - Gadgetology - #First with Vodafone Lets Two Dutch Oumas Take Flight - An and Ria

Vodafone has embarked on a new campaign that helps people from across the world partake in personal and unique endeavours for the very first time.

The campaign hopes to inspire people to “progress and discover” through “doing things for the first time” in order to keep the world “interesting”.

Through collaboration, ambition and effort, Vodafone hopes to share interesting stories of people doing things for the first time “because when technology and human endeavour come together, amazing things happen”.

The campaign hopes to, over the coming months, prove just how remarkable people can be. As such, it will follow: the Olympian Mary Kom as she builds India’s First female fight club in the remote region of Manipur, Surfer Tom Lowe as he attempts to paddle surf the epic waves at Todos Santos, and Rapper Spoek Mathambo as he crosses Africa to create his own musical #First.

Vodafone hopes that these stories of ‘firsts’, and others like them, will inspire and encourage people to take that leap toward discovery and maybe even find their own first, all whilst using technology to keep in-touch and for communication – no matter where in the world they may be.

The campaign has started off with the beautiful “An and Ria’s #First flight” which sees two elderly Dutch ladies flying on an aeroplane for the very first time.

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[Source: Vodafone]

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