Like a small child during the Christmas period, I have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the ‘next generation’ of video games. My excitement for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has almost been palpable, which most of my friends and family can attest to. Once E3 2013 concluded, I pre-ordered both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 without hesitation. 

I pre-ordered Sony’s PlayStation 4 through a local video games retailer, since it will be launching in South Africa on Friday 13th December 2013, whilst I made the decision to import Microsoft’s Xbox One because the new console does not currently have a release date for South Africa. Both pre-orders were made in August.

Over the course of the past weekend, my move towards fully embracing the ‘next generation’ of video games took a geektastic step forward. My imported Xbox One console arrived in less than 72 hours after the console’s international launch last week Friday, 22nd November 2013.

Courtesy of the excellent service from Forward2Me, a United Kingdom based parcel forwarding service, I managed to import a launch edition Xbox One console in a highly impressive 69 hours after launch – from the time the console left the depot in the United Kingdom to arriving on my doorstep in South Africa.

As such, there is a very good possibility that the package you see in the picture above contains the first Xbox One in South Africa.

Of course, there is no way for me to conclusively prove such a statement, but it is one that I believe to be true given the incredibly quick delivery of the console. One of our Facebook fans let us know that RA1NKING, a South African user with one of the highest gamerscores available, managed to get a launch console within 24 hours after launch, courtesy of a friend of his who flew into South Africa on launch day. As such, he most likely has the very first Xbox One console in South Africa. Very, very cool. You can read about his experience with the console here.

Alas, this exciting news does come with a personal drawback: I am currently out of the country and will be for some time.

Consequently, my brand spanking ‘jump’ into the next-generation of console gaming will have to wait, but upon my return Vamers will be bombarded with impressions of Microsoft’s newest console.

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