Vamers - FYI - Movies - Brilliant Marketing Prank to Promote 'Carrie' Reboot - Scared lady

As a fan of superheroes, I have always dreamt and wished for the ability to fly like Superman or for mental based abilities such as Jean Grey’s telekinesis or Professor Xavier’s telepathy. In fact, I would have been happy with almost any power. Of course, the real world beckons and illusions of developing powerful abilities were put to the sidelines, although not forgotten.

I imagine that it is this premise of the possibility of developing ‘super’ abilities that draws so many people into the kinds of movies and entertainment media that delve into such fanciful topics. Hence why the latest marketing ploy for the reboot of Stephen King’s Carrie is absolutely brilliant.

The makers of the film recently staged a ‘Carrie’ event  at a Manhattan coffee shop. Unsuspecting customers were treated to a lady who loses her cool and begins to exhibit intense telekinetic abilities – which included moving tables, chairs, books and, the best part, a man seemingly lifted off of his feet and thrown against a wall.

The setup is reminiscent of a recent apocalyptic advertising stunt by LG and is so convincing that patrons can be seen dialing 911 to report the incident or to record the truly unbelievable event that is occurring.

Watch the fantastic advertising prank for Carrie below and tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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