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To showcase the technological leap in clarity and realism offered by Ultra High Definition Televisions (UHDTV) versus current High Definition displays, LG has embarked on a brilliant advertising campaign that employs good old scare tactics.

UHDTV units effectively have double the resolution of current high-end HDTVs. As a result, UHDTV’s have a level of clarity that could, under the right circumstances, be mistaken for reality. It is this notion of ‘realism’ that LG is using to advertise the company’s new line of 84-inch UHDTVs, which retail for well over R300 000 ($25 000).

The new advertising campaign features a series of individuals who think they are being interviewed for a potential job, but then bear witness to an apocalyptic meteor strike happening outside of the office window (which is not a window at all but is actually the LG UHDTV). To make the event seem even more realistic, the room shakes and booms with the impending doomsday event.

Having seen and experienced UHDTVs from Samsung and LG, I can attest to the fact that the display technology is superb and thus cannot fault the people in LG’s brand activation for reacting the way that they do.

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[Source: LG]

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