Do you consume a lot of media? Are you a Netflix connoisseur? Do you perhaps you have a constant audio stream filling your house as you do daily tasks? Mayne you upload a lot of pictures to Instagram, you know, for your up and coming influencer lifestyle? No matter what you do, you are most assuredly not alone. Thanks to a new infographic, we now know that Data Never Sleeps.

Domo, a company specialising in cloud software, has released their annual Data Never Sleeps infographic. Apart from being surprisingly enlightening, the infographic is easy to understand. In a circular pattern, the infographic lists the most prominent services and internet practices. These include how many hours of YouTube content is uploaded every minute, and how much hard-earned money is being spent at any given time. Naturally, these stats are all based on averages, and only factual insofar as what Domo could track without risking trading any personal data. Needless to say, it is eye opening to see how 56.1 percent of the world’s population has constant access to the Internet. For the longest time I assumed this number to be much higher!

According to Domo, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic meant the world was forced into a “new era where technology and data have taken more significant roles in our daily lives”. The pandemic and all of the subsequent nationwide lockdowns that took place across the globe also meant people had to adapt to much more technological surroundings. Suddenly everyone had to get some sort of audio or camera in order to take part in online meetings. It also means constant internet access for important tasks that would otherwise have been done at the office. Thanks to this, data generation skyrocketed in the last year, with a sharp and noticeable increase in the last few months.

Domo’s Data Never Sleeps infographic is the eighth of its kind, with a new one curated and designed every year. It sheds light on all kinds of data, including in-home entertainment consumption, Mobile App microtransaction spending, and much more. Naturally, the popularity of certain apps will always rise and fall as time rolls on. Domo concludes that technology, regardless of what kind it is and how people interact with it, is constantly improving our lives. This just begs the question: will my life really be better after I spend money on this item on Amazon? I suppose the answer is irrelevant knowing more than a million dollars have been spent on ecommerce since I started typing the previous sentence!

Sources: Domo (official website), Social Media Today

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