Gamers like to have crystal-clear sound when they game. There is nothing worse than getting your head bashed in with a pan at the end of the game, just because you could not tell whether your opponent was above or behind you. As such, Turtle Beach, one of South Africa’s leading headset brands, wants all gamers to have crystal clear hearing this festive season.

Whether you are a Battle Royale veteran, or just a casual Destiny 2 and Anthem player, there is no denying how being able to hear where you opponents come from is always to your benefit. Heck, having perfect surround sound virtualisation in games like Death Stranding, Dirt 2.0, and even Farm Simulator 2019 can enhance the experience tenfold! What about gamers who also listens to their tunes at the gym, or the occasional creative professional who would much rather just have clear stereo while editing videos? Yeah, Turtle Beach honestly has something for everyone, as you will see in the deal roundup below:

Turtle Beach Recon 200R899Stereo multi-platform headset for all consoles and mobile
Turtle Beach Recon 70P (PS4)
Turtle Beach Recon 70X
(Xbox One)
R499Wired stereo headsets tuned for battle royal and multiplayer gaming with in-line chat
Turtle Beach Stealth 600 (PS4)
Turtle Beach Stealth 600 (Xbox One)
R1 499Wireless surround sound headsets tuned for gaming. Sound profile is tweaked for a bit of extra bass and PS4 has native virtualisation while Xbox variant supports Windows Sonic on Xbox One and Windows 10.
Turtle Beach Steal 700 (PS4)
Turtle Beach Stealth 700 (Xbox One)
R2 299Premium wireless headsets with on-board surround sound virtualisation in partnership with Dolby DTS 7.1. PS4 variant includes native Dolby support while Xbox variant features its own on-board profile that works with Windows Sonic as well.

Evidently, Turtle Beach likes to shower gamers with options – some of which can become really confusing quite quickly. If you are looking for a no-fuss headset at a budget, the Recon 70 variants are right up your alley. If you like fiddling and tweaking to make a headset perfect for your ears and hearing, then you will find solace in the more expensive Stealth variants. Regardless of the kind of gamer you are, finding the perfect headset for you is a matter of simply looking above.

These Turtle Beach 2019 festive deals will run all the way through to 24 December 2019 at selected retailers. Retailers include BT Games, Takealot, Makro, and others. The deals will also only run while stocks last, so you might want to think about getting those Christmas presents a bit earlier than usual.

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