There are few things in life as good as the very first coffee of the day. The way the delicious caramel scent wraps you in its sweet embrace, enticing you toward the auburn tinted obsidian coloured nectar that awaits. The first sip is always the sweetest, and the last the most unexpected.

In the last few years, I have become quite a fan of Nespresso coffee machines and capsules. I adore the freshness of the taste, the variety of flavours, and how easy and quick it is to make coffee in this way. As a gamer, I began to notice how Nespresso was influencing my lifestyle. I know how strange it sounds, but the speed and efficacy of the ‘Nespresso way’ has made a tangible difference. I am now of the opinion that Nespresso is best for gamers, and this is why [this is not a sponsored post, even though it might read like it. PS: hit me up if you see this, Nespresso].

Three Reasons why Nespresso is best for Gamers


Making a good cup of coffee is definitely not a difficult process. However, depending on your level of coffee adeptness, it can be time consuming. Even in the simplest way, you would have to wait a few minutes for the kettle to boil before being able to turn the instant granules into a delightful mug of joy. With Nespresso, speed is at the forefront of the experience.

Whenever I feel like a cup of Joe, I hit the power button, input a new pod, and offer one more tap to get the process going. Within five seconds, the coffee is being poured. In all honesty, I spend more time choosing the flavour I would like to consume than the Nespresso machine does to start the coffee making process. The time it takes to make coffee is therefore a reason why Nespresso is best for gamers.

Why is speed important? It means that you can quickly make yourself a mug of deliciousness between online matches. The number of times I have run to the kitchen to brew a mug of coffee between Overwatch matches is too numerous to recall. With only a 30 – 60 second window available, every second counts. Now, instead of using one break to boil the kettle and then another to make the coffee, I can do it all in one go.

Three Reasons why Nespresso is best for Gamers


Before Nespresso, I used a Delonghi coffee machine to grind beans for consumption. The taste of freshly ground coffee is second to none. With that said, I am someone who enjoys variety. Like most gamers, I enjoy games from a large selection of genres. The same applies to coffee.

In the past, I would purchase a bag of coffee beans and use it until empty. Although each serving remains delicious, the exact same taste, cup after cup, slowly begins to take the enjoyment out of the experience. The other issue is how coffee beans can lose their freshness fairly quickly. Therefore, it is advisable to use them as quickly as possible, before their flavour begins to wane. This is not a problem with Nespresso. 

Keen for a deep and dark shot of espresso, sourced from India, to get your blood pumping for a first person shooter (FPS)? Perhaps you would prefer to sip a milder Ethiopian sourced blend as you make your way through the vast lands of the latest role-playing game? Whatever your preference, you have the option of selecting a unique taste sensation for each cup of coffee you choose to enjoy. Variety is the spice of life, after all, and one more reason why Nespresso is best for gamers.

Three Reasons why Nespresso is best for Gamers


Every single gamer knows how your twitch reflexes determine whether you win or lose an online match. The faster your fingers are able to move (whether on a keyboard and mouse combo or a gamepad) the quicker you will be able to deal with your opponent.

Although most esports players prefer to rely on energy drinks for a ‘boost’, I have personally found coffee to be a better and healthier substitute to the sugary and carbonated drinks so often punted at sporting events. In a way, it is a cleaner source of energy, and the healthier the source the more beneficial it is to use in the long game.

Each Nespresso ‘grand cruz’ is filled with a fine selection of ground coffee. That coffee has caffeine in it. Caffeine’s main effect on the body is a temporary increase in the wakefulness and alertness of the senses. The more acute your senses become, the better your performance will be in any mode of play. Offering a slight, yet natural, edge over competitors.

Granted, I will admit that caffeine is not exactly the most compelling reason for why Nespresso is best for gamers. After all, it is the same primary ingredient used in energy drinks, albeit at a much lower level in coffee. Ultimately, it means that you can enjoy several more cups of the amber nectar versus one single energy drink, which is a win in my book. Better still, if you drink your coffee black, you can cut out many of the other negative ingredients found in energy drinks. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about these ‘three reasons why Nespresso is best for gamers’ as much as I enjoyed writing (more like drinking) about them. Have you had similar experiences with coffee and gaming? Or perhaps there is something else enhancing your gaming lifestyle? Please feel free to let us know, as we always enjoy hearing from our readers.

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