It has become evident that all Telltale-developed games have their days numbered. A huge collection of the studio’s titles were delisted from GOG at the end of May 2019, with the future of many titles still shrouded in mystery. It has now been revealed that Minecraft: Story Mode will be removed from storefronts, and will not be available for download at all, in the coming weeks.

According to Mojang, the company behind Minecraft and its various spin-offs, “Minecraft: Story Mode – A Telltale Games Series, season 1 and 2 will no longer be supported” from 25 June 2019. All players who are still on the fence, as well as players who have bought the game, are advised to buy and download the game before 25 June. Mojang states that the game will not be available for download after this date.

Interestingly, Minecraft recently celebrated 176 million copies sold, and ten years since it was released to the world. It is a truly sad day then, that Minecraft: Story Mode will cease to exist before possibly matching the success of the main title in the franchise. Fortunately, Minecraft fans still have a movie to look forward to.

With all of the Telltale Games titles being delisted, fans can find some solace in the fact that The Walking Dead will be available for some time on the Epic Games Store. Skybound Games acquired rights to the series’ final season back in November. While not exactly Minecraft, The Walking Dead is a very competent narrative-driven title, worthy of a play through. In particular, I think that the first two seasons are some of the best storytelling in modern gaming.

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