Lenovo has been making waves in recent years with their up-and-coming gaming brand, Lenovo Legion. However, the company has also been working on other products in the background. Lenovo Smart Devices for 2019 have been detailed across their entire portfolio, and they do, admittedly, look pretty dang awesome.

Lenovo says that they are aiming to “transform the way we live” via new smart technologies. The company plans to do so via the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). All in a bid to innovate and unlock “human potential, empower users to break boundaries and enhance connectedness”. Let us take a look and see if these new Lenovo Smart Devices will live up to their claims.

Lenovo Smart Clock – perfect if you never want to leave your bedroom

The first of the Lenovo Smart Devices detailed by the company comes by way of a brand-new clock. A Smart Clock, to be precise. The Lenovo Smart Clock With Google Assistant brings the best Google has to offer to Lenovo’s “innovative smart living product line”. Accordingly, the Smart Clock is made for the bedroom specifically. Lenovo states that it “helps you unwind in the evening, kickstart your day, control your smart home, and listen to your favourite music with multi-room audio grouping”. Looks like you will never be leaving your room at this point.

The Lenovo Smart Clock adds to the ever-growing line-up of devices that include the Lenovo Smart Display and Smart Home Essentials kit.

Lenovo Smart Tabs – Like iPads, just not as good

Lenovo is collaborating with global commerce and tech giant, Amazon, this year with a brand-new line-up of Lenovo Smart Tabs. This new category of 2-in-1 tablets turns into full function smart screens that also take advantage of Amazon Alexa.

Lenovo states that they are “must-have” items for households because they are “remarkably easy to set up”. The company says that users simply need to place the Lenovo Smart Tabs into the complimentary Lenovo Smart Dock, and it will transform into a “show Mode” smart screen device, with, and I quote, “full-screen visuals”. It also allegedly boasts “room-filling sound” that works with Amazon Alexa’s responses from “nearly anywhere in the room”.

The Lenovo Smart Tabs will allow households to have access to a fully-featured Android tablets that also double as a smart home hubs.

Lenovo Yoga Laptops – fulfilling those new year’s [tech] resolutions

To kick off year, new Lenovo Smart Devices include “slimmer and smarter” Yoga laptops. These work with “AI coupled with advanced audio and display technologies” that make them the smartest Yoga laptops yet.

The company states that whether you are “a digital nomad, business professional, digital content creator, or designer”, the Windows-powered Yoga S940, A940 and C730 will help you get things done faster, and make life easier. Since, you know, Windows devices always make everything easier.

According to Lenovo, the Yoga S940 is an ultra-slim Windows 10 laptop that delivers “security and privacy without sacrificing productivity and convenience”. This is thanks in large part to the Lenovo Smart Assist suite that makes use of powerful AI-enabled features.

It also features a camera that is on at all times. Lenovo says that “the minute you turn your head away from your laptop screen, the Yoga S940’s AI-powered sensors can detect your absence and auto-lock the display to protect your data from “others seeing it”. This feature also extends to alerting you when your “nosey neighbour is shoulder surfing form your screen”. Gosh darn Karen, always peeping through my window to see what websites I am looking at on my Lenovo Smart Devices.

According to the company, the Yoga S940 is also the first ever laptop to include “Contour Glass”. This means that it features glass that wraps around its bezels, which reduces the look of its already razor-thin bezels.

The new Lenovo Yoga A940 is like the S940, except with an A designation. The ‘A’ for these Lenovo Smart Devices references artists and designers. Lenovo states that nothing is better than sketching with a pencil on paper. As such, they have introduced a new all-in-one computer that challenges that notion.

The Yoga A940 features a Windows 10 powered creative canvas with a large 27-inch optional 4K touchscreen display. The optional 4K display also features Dolby Vision. All versions, however, feature rotating hinges that enable the display to tilt to a “comfortable 25-degree drafting mode”. Allowing for “remarkable flexibility and stability when drawing, sketching or annotating with a digital pen”. It also features the Lenovo Precision Dial, a controller that is tailor-made for designers, photographers and videographers to make more precise selections and adjustments to their content. Just in case the digital pen is not precise enough.

Lastly, Lenovo also unveiled the new Yoga C730 with AMOLED laptop. This particular device comes equipped with JBL speakers and Dolby Atmos which delivers audio over any pair of compatible headphones. It is a 15-inch 2-in-1 convertible laptop and also comes with an optional 4K display.

Lenovo states that AMOLED brings a “noticeably more vivid viewing experience with an incredible degree of colour clarity and contrast for higher-quality resolution”. Powering the AMOLED screen is an Intel 8th Gen Core i7 processor, Windows Ink, and Windows Hello for instant log-in. It also features Windows Cortana, and Amazon Alexa, because two sexy-sounding virtual assistants are better than one.

These new Lenovo Smart Devices seem pretty cool, while a little bit gimmicky at the same time. The Lenovo Tabs are the usual iPad-“killing” fare, while the Smart Clock actually sounds super useful. The Yoga laptops, on the other hand, need to be seen in action before judgments can be made. They look cool though. Local pricing and availability were not available at the time of publication.

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