The Darwin Project (2018) was announced at E3 2017The game was introduced as a mix between the survival and battle Royale genres. Implementing aspects of both. Naturally, it gained some interest.

Darwin Project is essentially The Hunger Games title that many have wished for. Not only does the game take place in a dystopian post-apocalyptic landscape (Northern Canadian Rockies) whereby up to ten players must fight to the death, but it also adds elements of survival – like crafting gear to keep warm and weapons with which to fight.

In addition to that, the game also features a unique ‘Show Director’ aspect. This is whereby one player is given the ability to directly influence what happens to players on the map, from laying traps and closing off areas through to launching a nuclear strike. Yes, it is just as crazy as it sounds.

Since the primary aim of the game is to hunt other opponents, Darwin Project has a unique ‘manhunt’ feature. During a game, players may come across ‘leftovers’ from other players. Searching these will allow the player to then track the prey who left it. When tracked, the other player’s tracks become present. The tracked player is also alerted to the fact that they are being hunted. It is an interesting and thrilling aspect that no other battle royale title currently offers.

After several months of alpha testing, Darwin Project is now available on Steam’s Early Access and the Xbox Preview Program. Since the game is still in development, there are many features that still need to be implemented – like a duo team mode. Nevertheless, gamers who are happy to help test the game as it develops can do so.

Darwin Project by Scavenger Studio is available on Steam Early Access for USD $14.99/ZAR R105.00 and Xbox Game Preview for USD $14.99/ZAR R249.00.

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