The lootcrate system in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has always been a bit underwhelming. Often with very few offerings and no real choice as to what you might get. Well, Bluehole is changing that and has introduced two more loot crates, as well as the ability to choose between the PUBG loot crates you want.

While the developers have introduced a few new crates in past updates, they also significantly reduced the chances of players getting crates they can open right away. You see, the last big loot crate update introduced two crates: the Biker crate, which includes a bunch of cool items and a bunch of common items; and a Desperado crate, which includes even more cool items, and very few common ones, but at a cost. While the Desperado crate cost the same as any other crate, you have to go the extra mile to shell out money for a key for the crate. This means that players who gamble with their Battle Points will have a 60% chance to get a Desperado Crate, and no way to open it.

With the introduction of the two new PUBG loot crates, the chances have gone down to only 40%. The reason for this is that one of the crates introduced, the Militia Crate (which can be opened immediately) is now a part of the normal Battle Point (BP) crate purchase. In other words, by gambling for a crate, you now have an extra crate mixed into the pot.

Another crate, called the Fever crate, will be added to a brand-new pot where only premium crates can be bought. The Fever Crate requires a key to open, and will also start at 1200 BP, as opposed to the usual cost of just 700 BP. All players will also have the option of choosing what kind of crate they would like to buy.

The drop rates for the normal set of crates is as follows:

  • Survivor: 10%
  • Wanderer: 10%
  • Biker: 20%
  • Desperado: 20%
  • Militia (New): 40%

As for what is inside the PUBG loot crates, Bluehole states that the Fever crate has a “strong feeling of spring”. It includes colourful aesthetic options and 80s inspired retro outfits. The Militia crate, however, has a strong military focus. In the Militia crate, you will get military-style jackets, helmets, and facial items.

The new crate system has already been implemented on the PC test servers and will port over to the public servers as soon as PUBG Corp. Feels it is ready for general consumption. There is no word on when the previous set of crates will release on Xbox One, let alone the new ones currently available on the test servers.

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