Project Cars 2 is well on its way towards its 22 September 2017 release date. To help get the word out, and to showcase what the game is all about, the studio has rolled out the second episode of their Built By Drivers video series title “Porsche Passion”. As you may have guessed, it is all about Porsche.

In the latest episode, professional racing driver and Porsche Factory driver, Patrick Long, talks about his passion for the company. More specifically, he talks about the cultural significance of the iconic manufacturer and its relevance to the racing industry.

“I think Porsche has a pretty storied past”, says Long in the opening seconds of the video. “The lifestyle of, and the love affair with, Porsche as a brand and as a product has been there through-and-through” he continues, “and then when you weave in motorsport, the roots are pretty deep”. By these opening sentences alone, one can already hear the passion in his voice for the iconic brand. He confirms that “to be an ambassador of the company that really races and puts out an awesome product” is very special.

The rest of the Porsche Passion video has Long detail the significance of the Porsche brand and how it has changed throughout history. He then mentions how he is involved in Project Cars 2 and how his “pure driver-engineer relationship” with Porsche helps him bring out the most authentic “engagement” to the cars in the game.

An interesting tidbit is that the sudden surge in Porsche-related deals, across so many different games, are thanks to Electronic Art’s exclusivity finally expiring. The 16-year-long exclusive pact between Electronic Arts and Porsche is over. Although the deal is over, Porsche cars will still feature in EA titles. The only thing of note is that we will finally see more Porsche vehicles in many more games.

Project Cars 2 is set to release on 22 September 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

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