Mad Catz, the renowned gaming peripheral maker, will finally be upgrading its long-standing RAT gaming mouse lineup.

Over the years, Mad Catz has made quite a name for themselves in the PC Gaming market. However, the company’s lineup of RAT peripherals has always had unconventional and increasingly confusing naming conventions. Now with the announcement of a brand new lineup of RAT mice, the company will seek to make things simpler to understand.

The new line of RAT mice will be direct upgrades to all of the current peripherals, just without the periods and confusing naming conventions. Instead, the new lineup will now simply consist of the: RAT1, 4, 6, and 8; as well as the RAT PRO S+ and X+.

The entire lineup will have a much more rugged, or “grown-up” look to it, which signals a new era for the peripherals. Additionally, whereas the base model currently has no customisation, the new RAT1 will have an adjustable palm rest. Owners who decide to upgrade to the RAT PRO X+ will be able to customise just about every aspect of their mouse. This falls in line with the company’s famous customisation features for their other PC peripherals.

In addition to improvements to the ergonomics and added RGB illumination, all new RAT peripherals will sport brand new optics and button configurations. All mice, from the base RAT1, to the enthusiast’s RAT PRO X+, will get OMROM Mechanical switches. This will allow the mice to have an “industry leading” lifespan of around 50-million clicks. Moreover, every RAT has been designed from the ground up to ensure an ultimate customisation, and enhanced gaming performance. It is also designed in such a way to lessen fatigue during marathon gaming sessions.

The new lineup of RAT gaming mice are expected to ship in time for the Holiday 2016 season. Just in time for Christmas gift shopping!

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