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Sony announced a newer  and cheaper version of the PlayStation Vita during the company’s pre-Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2013 conference.

The new PS Vita, referred to as the ‘Vita 2000′ (SKU: PCH-2000), will be available for purchase in Japan on 10th October 2013 for 18980 Yen ($190/R2000). No word yet on an international release, but most likely 2014.

Vamers - FYI - Video Games - PS Vita 2000 Announced - Different Coloured Units

The Vita 2000 is 15 percent lighter and 20 percent thinner than the original model, will be available in six different colours, comes standard with a paltry 1GB of internal storage, and now uses a micro USB port for charging and syncing.

The updated Vita 2000 will also have a new battery that provides an additional hour of playtime, but this boon comes with a trade off: the current Vita’s lustrous OLED screen has been replaced with a generic LCD for the Vita 2000.

Introducing a new and cheaper PS Vita makes sense given Sony’s push for the Vita to be used as a second screen for Sony’s forthcoming PlayStation 4. The full ‘reveal’ video is below.

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