Cookie Monster is one of the best characters on the long running Sesame Street. One who is addicted to the luscious taste of chocolate chip cookies. Who can blame him, given the sweet taste of butter milk crumbs mixed with tiny yet decadent chocolate morsels. Add some milk for dunking, and you have an American childhood staple where everyone screams “me want it” (I is technically the more correct pronoun to use, but I am letting it slide for this article, because Cookie Monster).

In the most recent spoof on the Sesame Street YouTube channel, Cookie Monster has to learn some restraint. After all, moderation is key to healthy living. As such, he must put his chocolate chip addiction aside (yes, addiction) and learn how to ‘self-regulate’ – or as he likes to say it, “control meself”.

There is no doubt that Cookie Monster is the poster child for needing to master self-control. Nevertheless, it is quite entertaining to watch him do so under the guise of Icona Pop’s hit song “I love it”.

In ‘Me Want it’, Cookie Monster sings a song that explains the concepts behind self-regulation. He does so by devising personal strategies surrounding when and how to eat a cookie. The cute mashup is entertaining enough for both adults and children, whilst relaying a pretty important message: learn self-restraint.

[Source: YouTube]

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