Gifting is always a struggle. This is especially the case when you need to find the perfect gift for the number one lady in your life – your mom. Ask any mother and they will always say that they just want love and appreciation, but what good do love and appreciation do if there is no material object to back it up? I jest, of course, but there really is something great about gift giving, especially when the gift is homemade. Fortunately for you, we have just the right DIY Mother’s day gift ideas to awe and inspire.

Given how many of us have become accustomed to living and working from home nowadays, venturing out to find the perfect gift may be more challenging than necessary. Coupled with your mom’s insistence that ‘no gift is needed’, simply ups the challenge factor tenfold. Fear not, for we have you covered. In this list, you will find DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas that are fun and easy to make. From simple items you can procure from the nearest grocery store, to cool and fun printables, we thought of it all. We even tried to find tutorials and guides to walk you through the entire process. Without further ado, here is a list of fun and easy DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas!

Mother’s Day Heart Fan Cards!

Interactive cards and pins are always enjoyable, so why not opt for a fun and easy DIY Mother’s Day Heart Fan Card? These, in particular, are all about bringing attention to everything you love about your mom and are meant as an opportunity to list everything you love most about her.

Step-By-Step Guide

These cards require very few materials to make and can be done in next to no time. All you need is card stock, an assortment of things you can write and colour with, and scissors. You can also grab a few optional materials to help you spruce the cards up bit more – if you wish!

Mother’s Day Homemade Cookie Butter!

Cards are great, but they are not the only things you want to make for your loving mom. Why not pair the fan cards above with a bit of elbow grease in the kitchen? Cookie Butter, in particular, is a very sweet and – quite frankly – fun gift. Especially if you know how to make it. Fortunately, we found an incredible step-by-step recipe that walks you through the entire process.

Step-By-Step Guide

The key here is all about being able to make cookie butter from pretty much any cookie imaginable. Does your mom like Oreo, or is she more of a Ginger Biscuit and Chocolate Chip kind of lady? Whatever the case, chances are this amazing guide will help you create the perfect gift. As a bonus, this guide also points to another great idea: customised jars for the butter, or anything else really.

Water Marble Cup!

Are you a coffee or tea drinker? Is your mom a caffeine lover too? Then this DIY Mother’s Day gift idea might be the one for you! Water marbling is just a fancy term for a quick and easy tie-dye using nail polish. It really is quite easy to do as well – the only challenge will be to nab one (or a few) of your mom’s nail polish bottles without her knowing any better.

Step-By-Step Guide

The wonderful thing about this gift is how quick it is to do. Simply get a water container, dip some nail polish in it, and then slowly dip the mug. Thereafter, take it out, and set to dry for an hour or two. Easy peasy! Every design is guaranteed to be unique, so there is that added ‘one of a kind’ factor to this gift. It does come with a minor trade-off, however. I have done this once in the past, and while most of my cups have come out the other side beautifully marbled, one or two will require wiping and redoing as the nail polish sometimes fails to stick. Beyond this caveat, this DIY Mother’s Day gift idea is my personal favourite on this list.

Scented Pillow Mist!

Pillow mist is for the moms out there who need everything they own to smell sweet and scented. While the materials are admittedly not as easy to procure as the other ideas on this list, the payoff is sure to be great! All you need are some few essential oils and tiny spray bottles.

Step-By-Step Guide

Beyond smelling great, this pillow mist is likely to help your mom sleep well too. The mist in the guide above specifically focuses on a lavender scent, but you can use any scent you know your mom enjoys the most. If you live in a household where oils and other herbal remedies are present, chances are this DIY Mother’s Day gift idea should be a walk in the park to make!

DIY Box of Chocolates

I know we already have a very sweet treat above, but what about something a bit simpler for your mom? This DIY Mother’s Day gift idea for a Box of Chocolates and Sweets is a surefire way to get your mom smiling from ear to ear! Making it is as easy as you would expect, and filling it up is a matter of going to the grocery store and getting your mom’s favourite nibbles. The idea here is that less is more. So the main goal is not to make a big box like the ones you can buy. Try going for one of those larger matchstick boxes instead!

Step-By-Step Guide

The guide above neatly goes over how to take the exact matchstick box in question, and cover it in scrapbook paper. Note that you can really use any kind of paper – even plain! Just decorate it with your little scribbles and you are good to go. The guide also shows you how to include a cool ribbon as a holder – neat!

BONUS – Put all the DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas above together in a fun bag!

As I am writing this, the idea came to me that some of you may want to go above and beyond and get cracking on all the ideas above. I was originally planning to add a cool Spa Basket idea to this list, but then it struck me: why not make a custom goodie bag, unique to only your creations, and tuck them neatly in a basket or fun bag for your mom?

Required Items

  • A hand or face towel
  • A tote bag OR box OR basket
  • A couple of buttons and pins (optional)
  • An extra chocolate slab
  • All of the items you created from the list above


First thing’s first: depending on the tote bag you procured, you could tie-dye it and make it all rainbow coloured for your mom. If that is not your scene, simply decorate it with a button or two. After this, all you need to do is fill the bag with the towel, all your creations, and that additional chocolate. The result is a cool and fun bag filled with goodies that range from beautifully created fan cards, a big jar of cookie butter, a nice bottle of pillow scent, and even a cool mug that is sure to last at least the year (until you make her a new one)!

Truthfully, all moms really need is a bit of love and affection. Maybe all your mom wants is for you to take over the cleaning for the day, or commandeer the kitchen during dinner. If those options are tried and tested, you can always continue to surprise her with one of the many awesome DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas above. Now excuse me while I go and create the bestest of ultimate funbags for my mom.

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