Have you ever returned to the office kitchen, opened the fridge in anticipation of finally getting to that sweet pudding you brought from home, only to realise it was stolen? We have all been there at least once. Some people are selfish and will never ask before taking. Unless you go out of your way to hide your lunch from prying eyes and loose hands, you will undoubtedly walk away from the kitchen empty handed. Thankfully, Japanese innovation group, aNo Ken, has invented an alarm system for just this scenario! This cute anti-theft pudding device will alert you when someone steals your pudding.

The primary purpose of an alarm system is to cause confusion and scare intruders off. Modern alarm systems come with the added benefit of alerting security to the intrusion as well. This little Japanese invention from aNo Ken does both, as long as you work in a small office.

The alarm’s primary component is a weighted and sensor-equipped plate. When it is set, and it detects a loss of weight, the cute little face on the monitor will start exclaiming “the pudding has been stolen” loudly. It will also occasionally demand whoever took the precious pudding to “return the pudding”. Throughout the entire process, it also animates its face to turn into an anime-styled anger emoticon.

The video above showcases the cute anti-theft pudding device in action. Notably, when the pudding thief repents and returns the pudding to its plate, the invention calms down and calmly says “the pudding has returned”. In case the pudding thief decides to pull an Indiana Jones and replace the pudding with another object, the sensor picks up on that too!

When the invention is activated, it reads how heavy the pudding is exactly, and sets itself to that standard. When a devious thief decides to pull an ol’ swapperoo move, the device notices and goes back to being all noisy. It then shouts “This is not pudding” until the owner returns and catches the thief, or the actual pudding is returned.

While this cute little device is ideal for small office scenarios, aNo Ken have actively been working on improvements and variations of the device. On their YouTube channel, you can find a few videos where other versions of the anti-theft pudding alarm are showcased. Some of my favourites include one where the device has been given arms and another where the cute face monitor receives a distinct upgrade. However, unlike the anti-theft pudding device above, none of these devices seem to be in their final stages of development.

aNo Ken does not seem to have any plans to bring the device to consumers any time soon. It still needs a bit of work. If they ever decide to mass produce the anti-theft pudding alarm, you can be sure we will be the first to own it! Now excuse me while I go watch that video a thousands times over again.

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