I say this a lot, and I will continue say it: cosplay truly is a marvel for pop culture and video gaming. It lets fans immerse themselves in the fiction they love by interacting with the characters of these fictions, or alternatively becoming these characters! Now, ReedPOP and Reed Exhibitions Africa want to bring the best of cosplay together in one mega-festival over the Comic-Con Africa 2019 weekend.

Comic-Con Africa 2019 is taking place from 21 to 24 September, 2019. During the festivities, Reed encourages cosplayers, movie fans, and video game enthusiasts to join in on the cosplay fun along with the various professional cosplayers who will be attending the con. As such, cosplayers of all ages can look forward to various competitions aimed toward shining the spotlight on good, home-made cosplay and costumes.

The Padawan Competition, for instance, will allow younger cosplayers, under the age of 16 (including babies) to enter and show off their outfits. This competition is especially accessible since it does away with the rule that all costumes and suits need to be hand-made, or created from scratch. All costumes can either be bought, self-made, or otherwise just face-painted! However, according to Reed, The Padawan Competition is meant to encourage children to feel accomplished in the clothes they own. This is, of course, the first step toward becoming a full-fledged cosplayer like Leon Chiro.

Beyond The Padawan Competition, cosplayers can attend The Casual Cosplay Competition. This particular competition is for those who have bought or commissioned outfits, and for those who would rather compete for fun as an entire family, or group of friends.

Furthermore, Comic-Con Africa 2019 will also be host to The Cosplay Championships! The first round of the global championship, called “Quest for the Crown” takes place at Comic-Con Africa 2019. Here, a winner will be able to make it through the circuit and follow the footsteps of the C2E2 Global Crown Championships of Cosplay runner-up, Kinpatsu Cosplay.

As you can see, Comic-Con Africa 2019 will be home to three huge championships meant for pretty much anyone. However, Comic-Con Africa will also be hosting an in-house championship called the 2019 Comic-Con Africa Cosplay Championships. For these, ReedPOP is going the extra mile, by adding one (1) VIP Ticket for C2E2 2019 (in Chicago, United States of America); R10 000 cash reward, Economy Airfare to Chicago for C2E2; and two-night hotel accommodation! The winner will also gain automatic entry into the Final Round of the Crown Championship of Cosplay at C2E2 (a drafted slot), and a winner Medal to show off to friends.

Furthermore, the 2019 Comic-Con Africa Cosplay Championship Needlework Division winner, Armour Division winner, Construction Division winner, and the Masters Division winners will all receive two four-day tickets to Comic-Con Africa 2020; R3 500 in cash; and a medal to show off to friends and family.

If you are interested in any of the championships above, including the 2019 Comic-Con Africa Cosplay Championship, you are encouraged to visit and sign up via the official website.

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