In a world where children steal their parents credit cards to buy micro transactions for their favourite free-to-play game; where games are savagely cut down into little pieces and stitched together with some pieces missing, only to have those pieces end up as downloadable content; where people create summoning circles from gaming controllers around pizza for a quick buck… in a world where sin can be found around every corner, you need The Savior’s Gang.

The Savior’s Gang is quite literally the Jesus video game people never knew they needed in their lives. The game lets players walk in the sandals of The Savior, a Jesus-like figure who must lead his followers into the promised land – without getting them killed in the process. This “path to enlightenment” requires his followers, The Savior’s Gang, if you will, to survive traps and disasters that threaten to end their worshipping in gruesome ways.

According to developers Catness Game Studios, The Savior is a powerful entity who is crucified and trapped between the world of mortals and heaven. His unfair demise “triggers the wrath of his father”, an almighty pidgeon no less, who unleashes a number of traps, disasters and dangers onto the world. It is up to The Savior to negotiate with his father to stop the catastrophes and save all his worshippers from imminent death. Along the way, players will get to meet The Savior’s friend, Stan, and get a bit of help from his mother and stepfather.

The game takes place across a varied landscape of levels. Players will get to traverse the fields of Jerusalem, travel through high mountains, dark caves, warm deserts, and even forests; as they make their way through to the very gates of hell. The game boasts 17 levels in this regard, all of which include more than 20 different ways for worshippers to meet their ends. It also boasts “realistic physics and deaths through realistic art”, “challenging and really hard levels” as well as the promise of a “hilarious and intense story”. I will be honest, the game trailer had me the moment I heard Handel’s Messiah.

For a weird top-down title that looks like it will fit right in on iOS and Android; it is currently available on Steam for R40 (or your regional equivalent) and will come to PlayStation 4 in the near future. I never thought I would say this, but I clearly need some Jesus in my life, and The Savior’s Gang, just might be it.

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