Total War: Three Kingdoms is still very much shrouded in the wind that is the realm of not-many-leaks. As such, the game is still very much a mystery to us. In this case, Creative Assembly decided to grace the world with a tiny tidbit of one of the “kingdoms” in the game. Specifically the China locale, and boy is this Three Kingdoms cinematic trailer glorious!

China has had a brutal history. Various dynasties have all risen to power, just to fall in the heat of battle, countless times over. It is an intriguing part of history that has mostly been lost thanks to nasty rulers, more of the aforementioned brutalities, and just plain old negligence. In this case, Creative Assembly treats us to a tiny peek of what is to come of this revered land.

“Hope fades”, says Zhuge Liang as he wanders through China in search of a new leader for his people. The Three Kingdoms cinematic trailer shows a lot while simultaneously not showing much at all. I particularly love how it showcases the brutalities of both the period and what players have come to expect from the Total War franchise. All whilst also showcasing some of the most beautiful scenes that I have ever seen featured in a strategy game.

The trailer begins with a cool cinematic shot of a setting (or rising) sun behind a building and some foliage, then quickly moves to showcase beautiful mountain ranges and skyboxes that will feature in the game. It also features an excellent song that brings all the scenes together. Perhaps the most notable thing shown, however, is the various tiny glimpses of wildlife strewn throughout the trailer. Horses are one thing, but pandas? Oh gosh, I hope we see pandas in the game!

Previous Total War games have always been satisfyingly epic in terms of both scale and its depiction and adaptations of various historic (and somewhat fictional) theatres of war. If this Three Kingdoms cinematic trailer is anything to go by, I have a sneaky suspicion that Total War: Three Kingdoms might just offer the most aesthetically pleasing battlefields to date; but that might just be my love for the region doing the talking.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is almost here! The game is due for release on 7 March 2018 for Microsoft Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

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