It is well known that Han Solo ran the kessel run in less than 12 parsecs. What is not as well known, however, is that a parsec is an actual measurement of time. For the uninformed, a parsec is a “unit of length used to measure large distances to astronomical objects outside the Solar System”. With that said, do you think you could survive the apocalypse with five times the amount of time it took Solo to finish the kessel run? That is exactly what Robot Gentelman’s newest title, 60 Parsecs!, hopes to find out.

Nukes + Earth = bad news. Naturally, when bad news arrives, you need to do your best to survive. In 60 Parsecs!, gamers will be given the opportunity to escape from a claustrophobic atomic bomb shelter to an even more claustrophobic space shuttle. Using a diverse cast of characters, gamers will do their best to find a new home for humanity. The aim of the game, after choosing your hapless captain, is to “forge relationships with your crew (or sock puppet) as you try to put together what happened on Earth and what your future holds”.

Some of the game’s main features include:

  • Scavenge, plan and survive: Live with the decisions you make in 60 seconds of frantic scavenging as you embark on an adventure, surviving on odds and ends ranging from cans of soup to sock puppets.
  • Survival like you’ve never seen it before: Chart your course for a casual, darkly comedic and story-driven take on the survival genre, that blends sci-fi pop culture of the ‘50s and ‘60s with Cold War propaganda.
  • Explore the vastness of space: Experience a procedural, non-linear story, incorporating roguelite elements for short but intense play sessions.
  • Craft your own story: Tackle hundreds of story-based events with a diverse cast of characters, resulting in an endless stream of space-faring narratives.

According to Robot Gentleman, 60 Parsecs! melds sci-fi pop culture of the 1950s and ‘60s with Cold War and Space Race propaganda. As such, the game “aims to provide gamers with a fresh take on space travel that’s both fantastic and oddly believable”. In other words, no one has ever seen space travel quite like this before. The premise of the game sounds like a lot of fun and draws upon roguelite sensibilities and a non-linear narrative that ensures every adventure is unique. I, for one, look forward to this interesting combination of scavenging and survival that the game will offer.

The survival adventure game 60 Parsecs! is set to launch on PC (Steam) by September 18, 2018. It has a retail price of $14.99 USD/14,99 €.

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