VS Gaming quickly made a name for themselves when they blasted onto the scene in 2017. Now, barely a year on, the company keeps on raising the bar for local tournaments — and we could not be more excited. VS Gaming recently held one of the country’s largest FIFA tournaments with over 2000 players, and rocked the local landscape with their FIFA 2018 eWorld Cup Qualifier Winners.

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend, and let me tell you: it was great. The company completely surpassed their 2017 showing, and  delighted guests with live demonstrations together with live, on-stage entertainment, arcades and games for the entire family, and even kiosks for gamers who would like to shop!

As the day went on, the qualifiers started and immediately became the centre piece of the entire show. However, as we all know, there can only be one winner… or at least two, in the FIFA 2018 eWorld Cup Qualifier. By the end of the qualifier, two grand finalists were crowned South Africa’s best FIFA 2018 players on their respective platforms. For the first time on local soil, I can safely say that no one should ever again say that gaming does not pay the bills.

After two huge finales, Shiaan Rugbeer and 16-year-old Thabo Moloi, came out on top for Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, respectively. Rugbeer beat Irshaad Mohamed 2-1 on Xbox One, while Thabo Moloi beat 2017’s VS Gaming eFootball Festival winner, Zuhair Ebrahim, 4-2 on the PlayStation 4. I cannot even fathom to ever be that good in a game!

Each of the two winners won a whopping R400 000 ZAR! That is a wonderful sum of money, but not all that was awarded.

Second place holders, Irshaad Mohamed and Zuhair Ebrahim, each took home R150 000 ZAR, while third place holders, Abu Akhalwaya and Ziyadh Caasim, were given the generous amount of R75 000 each. Fourth place holders, and the last in line to go to the FIFA eWorld Cup Playoffs later this year, Khalid Fakie and Mohammed Fiaz Mohamed, took home R30 000 ZAR each.

If you missed the VS Gaming eWorld Cup Qualifier, you can head on over to the VS Gaming YouTube channel, where you can watch the videos on demand for both days.

If you did end up missing it, however, fret not. We understand that the FIFA 2018 eWorld Cup Qualifier is but a drop in the bucket for the company’s future.

[Sources: VS Gaming (official site)]

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