It is no secret that iFun4All’s Serial Cleaner is a unique game. In fact, it is one of the more unique games Vamers has seen in a long while, barring the excellent Cuphead. It is no secret either, that it will hit Nintendo Switch soon, and that iFun4All has set their sights on releasing even more great games in the near future.

IFun4All’s first quirky game to hit Nintendo’s Switch, however, was Green Game: Timeswapper. While the game is very new to the console/mobile hybrid, iFun4All is not resting on their laurels. As mentioned above, Serial Cleaner is the next game on the list to hit Nintendo’s console, with Red Game Without a Great Name and Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder to follow thereafter. The publisher has vowed to get all four out before the end of the year. That is in less than a month! No wonder they want to celebrate.

As a means to give back to fans and to celebrate Serial Cleaner’s imminent release, iFun4All is giving away Serial Cleaner digital artbooks to all fans. The artbook includes behind-the-scenes artwork from the making of the game and very early concept images. It is said to contain very different art too, so if you want to get a glimpse of what could have been, now is your chance.

In order to get the Serial Cleaner digital artbook, all you need to do is to head on over to Facebook! Simply like and follow the official iFun4All fan page. You can also like and follow the Serial Cleaner fan page. If you do this, the publisher will send you a download link via Facebook Messenger (be sure to check your Messenger Requests). Fans who have already liked and followed the Facebook pages must simply send the pages a personal message. Doing so will result in a link being sent your way. The giveaway runs through to 24 November, 2017, so get on it!

In case you have not heard, Serial Cleaner is iFun4All’s quirky stealth game. It is essentially a “mop ’em up” wherein you have to hide bodies and mop up any and all gore after the mob has finished their business. What makes it harder is the fact that police sweep the scenes that you are working. As such, you have to keep out of sight all the while earning your hard-earned blood money.

The game features procedurally generated levels based on real-world data, a funky, 70s-inspired soundtrack and a full story-driven campaign. It is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. It is also releasing on Nintendo Switch before the end of 2017.

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