The Slinky is a staple childhood toy. At some point or another we have all owned or, at the very least, played with a Slinky.

I remember being entranced as a child by the way a metal Slinky would travel down a stair case. Slinking from one step to the next, undulating from a silver sheen to an almost imperceptible haze and back again.

I spent hours playing with the metal rings which, coupled with my imagination, led the Slinky to became a powerful weapon against aliens, make-shift handcuffs for robbers and octopus like tendrils for mutant powers.

Even as an adult, the Slinky still holds a certain charm. Here are five videos about the awesomeness that is the Slinky.

  1. Slow Motion Slinky
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  2. Treadmill Slinky
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  3. Origami Slinky
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  4. Original Slinky Commercial
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  5. Slinky Cat
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