Nintendo fans in Australia and New Zealand, get ready for some exciting and competitive action! Nintendo Australia has announced the Splatoon 3 AU/NZ Championship 2023 and the Mario Kart AU/NZ Championship 2023, two tournaments giving players a chance to show off their skills in these popular Nintendo Switch games.

The winners of these tournaments will be crowned as the Australian and New Zealand champions, and will also receive some awesome prizes and glory. The best part is, the finals of these tournaments will take place live at PAX Australia 2023, one of the biggest gaming events in the region.

Gamers interested in participating in these tournaments will need to register here for the online qualifying events starting in August, and running until September. These online events are open to players of all experience levels, so whether a casual gamer or a hardcore splatter-er, everyone can join in the fun. See below for details of the Splatoon 3 Deluxe AU/NZ Championship 2023.

Splatoon 3 AU/NZ Championship 2023 Details

Splatoon 3 is the latest instalment in the colourful and chaotic shooter series that lets gamers paint the town red, blue, green, or any other colour they like. In this game, players customise their very own Inkling or Octoling character with different weapons, gear, hairstyles, and abilities, and team up with friends to compete in various modes; such as Turf War and Anarchy Battle. Splatoon 3 also introduces new features such as the Splatlands, a sun-scorched desert region where Inklings and Octolings can explore and battle; the Return of the Mammalians, a mysterious group of mammals that have reappeared after being extinct for a long time; and new weapons, such as the bow.

The Splatoon 3 AU/NZ Championship 2023 will test your teamwork and strategy in heated four-on-four match-ups. You will need to register as a team of four players, and compete against other teams in Turf War best-of-three single elimination bracket. The top eight teams from each qualifier will advance to the quarter and semi finals, where they will face off in Turf War and Anarchy Battle best-of-five single elimination. The winning team from each qualifier will be invited to the Live Grand Final at PAX Australia on Sunday, 8th October 2023.

The schedule for the online qualifying events for the Splatoon 3 AU/NZ Championship 2023 are below:

Nintendo Switch GameOnline EventDateTime
Splatoon 3Online Qualifier #119th August11:00am AEST
1:00pm NZST
Splatoon 3Online Qualifier #227th August11:00am AEST
1:00pm NZST
Splatoon 3Live Grand Final8th OctoberTo be confirmed

Splatoon 3 is currently available for the Nintendo Switch. Gamers who wish to take part in these tournaments, will need to have a Nintendo Switch Online membership, which allows access to online play in these games and many others. Gamers who do not have a membership, can get a free seven-day trial directly through the Nintendo Switch eshop.

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