Esports is a booming industry attracting millions of players and viewers worldwide. However, not everyone has the same access and opportunities to participate in competitive gaming. This is why Ultra, a complete PC video gaming ecosystem created by AAA games industry talent from companies like Ubisoft, Playstation and Nintendo, has teamed up with CLD Distribution, owner of Smartoys stores and official distributors for the largest retailers in Europe, to launch Ultra Arena, a next-generation esports and tournament platform for all gamers.

What is Ultra Arena?

Ultra Arena is a platform integrating directly within Ultra’s ecosystem of PC gaming apps, bringing together tournament organization, prizes and rewards in a single intuitive hub. Gamers can join tournaments for their favorite games, such as League of Legends, Overwatch 2, CSGO, PUBG, and more. They can also create their own tournaments and invite their friends or other players to compete. Ultra Arena supports various skill levels, rules and brackets, as well as reward systems. Prize pools can be made up of Ultra’s $UOS ecosystem token, digital games, and digital collectibles. Physical licensed products such as graphics cards and keyboards can also be offered, which players can choose to keep or trade with others on Ultra’s built-in Uniq Marketplace.

Why Ultra Arena?

Ultra Arena aims to make competitive gaming more accessible and rewarding for all gamers. Currently, gamers often need to join a multitude of third-party websites and Discord servers to compete in their favorite games. This can be confusing, time-consuming and frustrating. Ultra Arena addresses this by offering a convenient and user-friendly hub within the wider Ultra ecosystem. Gamers can easily find and join tournaments that suit their preferences and abilities, as well as earn prizes and rewards for their performance.

Ultra Arena also provides a multitude of opportunities for publishers, esports organizations, and gaming brands to connect with their audiences. Apart from supporting tournament sponsorships and custom branding for teams and competitions, brands and organizations have the ability to create and oversee their own exclusive tournaments and events. They can also assemble highly competitive lineups to represent them by directly engaging with emerging esports talents.

When is Ultra Arena launching?

The service will launch globally on 8th August 2023, after a series of successful closed beta tournaments. The launch of Ultra Arena follows the successful public launch of Ultra Games, Ultra’s next-generation PC games store, in April 2023. Tournaments can be held on Ultra Arena for any suitable gaming title, regardless of their availability on Ultra Games. Ultra Arena will be regularly updated with new features such as large-scale ongoing leagues for key esports titles.

How to get started with Ultra Arena?

To get started with Ultra Arena, gamers need to download Ultra and start exploring the ecosystem. They can then access Ultra Arena from the app menu and browse or create tournaments for their favorite games. They can also check out the prizes and rewards available for each tournament and join the ones that interest them. Gamers can also invite their friends or other players to join their tournaments or teams.

Ultra’s co-CEOs – Nicolas Gilot and David Hanson – have a long track record in gaming and esports, even creating their own CSGO org in the early 2000s. Announcing the launch of Ultra Arena, Nicolas Gilot said:

“Today, esports beyond the very top professional level quickly becomes a mishmash of tournament platforms, Discord servers, and LFG groups. It’s a major challenge for competitive gamers and excludes casual gamers who’d nevertheless like to compete against similar ability players on their favorite games. By offering a convenient and user-friendly hub within the wider Ultra ecosystem, we’re making it easier for players of all skill levels to access tournaments whilst providing unparalleled opportunities for esports and gaming brands to engage their fans and communities.”

Raphael Pluta, CEO of CLD Group, said:

“After 24 years of passionate work within the gaming industry, I’m so proud of this partnership that will enable gamers to grow, compete and have fun in a safe and exciting environment. Our ambition is to connect physical products with this futuristic esports platform to offer the very best phygital experience. I strongly believe that Ultra Arena is an opportunity for retailers and e-tailers around the world to create communities, build marketing activations and grow their fan bases in innovative and authentic ways. Now more than ever, the gaming industry will show its power!”

Ultra Arena is a promising platform hoping to revolutionize the esports industry by making it more accessible and rewarding for all gamers. If you are interested in joining or creating tournaments for your favorite games, be sure to check out Ultra Arena when it launches on 8th August 2023.

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