Video Game Fables is a rare gem of a role-playing game, combining humour, nostalgia, and innovation in a delightful package. The game offers a tongue-in-cheek exploration of what happens to a game world and its characters when no one plays it for several decades. The title originally debuted on 15 July 2022, and since then has received glowing reviews (including ours), updates, and downloadable content (DLC). To celebrate its one year anniversary, the developer has announced some good news for fans and newcomers alike.

What is Video Game Fables?

Video Game Fables is a funny, lighthearted adventure set in an abandoned RPG game world that has not had a player in decades. It asks the question: “What would happen to a game world and its inhabitants without a player? Would they age? Would they have lives without a script to follow”? The game takes inspiration from games like Paper Mario, Earthbound, and Undertale. It has allusions to older RPGs such as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, but has its own identity and humor without relying only on parody.

Price Drop – USD $13.99

For those who have yet to play Video Game Fables, now might be the perfect time to do so. The game’s original price was USD $19.99, but has been permanently dropped to $13.99 to celebrate the title’s anniversary. The price is pretty good for a title offering around 12 hours of fun, challenging, and fast-paced turn-based combat, with a fair amount of unique mechanics and twists. For gamers who are not quite ready to part with their hard earned cash, there is also a free demo starting from the beginning of the game up to the first dungeon. Gamers who play the demo and then buy the game will be able to transfer their save data to the full game.

New Trailer

Need more convincing over and above our glowing review (which somehow did not make it into the video – we see you Matt)? Check out the new trailer for Video Game Fables (embedded above) showcasing some of the game’s features, such as the CRIT system, flexible XP system, boss fights and more. The trailer also does a good job of offering a glimpse of the game’s colourful and quirky characters, such as Aru (the world’s current princess), Nate (an NPC aspiring to be a hero), and Tator (the villain’s son). It also offers some witty commentary from Matt – the one man developer behind the project – who clearly knows how to poke fun at his own creation.

Video Game Fables Nightmare Arena DLC

For those who want more challenge and content over and above the base game can purchase the Nightmare Arena DLC for USD $2.99. This package adds over 40 challenging arena battles against twisted nightmare versions of enemies, a more challenging superboss, and new rewards for use in the base game, including brand new AOE damage summon skills. The DLC also has its own XP system limiting, so gamers cannot simply grind through them. According to Matt, this DLC is ‘not for the faint of heart’, but it will test skills and reward gamers with some epic loot.

New Content & Updates

The Video Game Fables base game has also received some new content and updates for free since its release. The main new addition is the Sticker Collection, where players can collect stickers of each enemy and place them on sticker pages. These stickers can also be resized and rotated to create new playable scenes. This feature looks like it adds a lot of replay value and creativity to the game, as gamers can collect all stickers and then make their own art with them. The game has also been improved with several fixes, accessibility features, and balance changes.

Interested gamers should check out Video Game Fables on Steam.

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