Video games are easy to master and play, but there are aspects that many never think twice about. Some of those include development and design, or marketing and finances. The Business of Gaming Forum 2019 wants to help teach people the ins and outs of these mysterious aspects of the industry, and it will be happening at Comic-Con Africa 2019.

The Business of Gaming Forum is essentially a panel and discussion that aims to inform and showcase opportunities and business pillars that support video gaming as a whole. It aims to connect businesses and brands within the growing entertainment sector and bring the entire South Africa gaming sector together.

Carol Weaving, Managing Director of Reed Exhibitions states that the Business of Gaming Forum 2019 will “set the tone for an engaging series of discussions and presentations by inspirational international and local keynote speakers”. Weaving states that “pioneering business leaders and gaming subject matter experts from across the globe, who are already changing the landscape of their industries” will be leading the discussions.

Weaving continues that the Business of Gaming Forum 2019 is for “those serious about the various enterprises relevant to the gaming sector”. Topics discussed include ‘The overview of the South African gaming landscape, and Why the South African game development is a great market for investment’.

Comic-Con Africa 2019 hosting this year’s Business of Gaming Forum is a natural step forward for the two events. In 2018, the two collaborated for the first time, and the larger numbers and attendance this time around can only mean good things for the industries moving forward.

Beyond the topics above, Weaving also states that delegates will be engaged through panel discussions such as ‘How to level-up – The secret to branded gaming and What the African gaming ecosystem needs to grow’. International keynote speakers include representatives from the Forum’s international media partner, Esports Insider.

From Esports Insider, Sam Cooke, managing director, as well as Ollie Ring, Head of Business Development and Media, will be discussing ‘Future-proofing your esports and gaming brand and why the time to act is now’. Other guests include Ben Myers, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Nyamakopo Games. Myers will present ‘Squeezing into the industry: The Lateral Development of Semblance’; as well as speak on topics such as ‘The business of game development’.

The Forum is particularly directed at business investors, brand executives, brand agencies and managers, as well as content creators, game developers, and esports businesses. However, anyone curious about the ins and outs of video game business should not be afraid to register for the full-day forum or take part in the discussions.

Registration for the entire conference (23 September 2019) includes morning and midday tea and coffee as well as lunch; and four-day general admittance into Comic Con Africa (R500 value). This costs R2 242.50 per person or R1 951 per person in groups of three or more.

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