The Rand Show is celebrating its 125th birthday, and is planning to go big! One of the newest additions is a brand new Gaming and Entertainment Pavilion. The new Gaming Pavilion will have a huge emphasis on Fortnite Battle Royale, with tournaments aplenty; as well as an all new Rand Show Cosplay Masquerade and competition.

The Rand Show Cosplay Masquerade will run on the first weekend of the show. Since this is the first time the Rand Show is hosting gaming and cosplay, they want to go all out. Organisers say that this is a more relaxed approach to cosplay that will encourage beginners to participate.

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Cosplayers and gamers alike who participate in the Rand Show Cosplay Masquerade can stand a chance to win daily prizes. In order to participate, all you need to do is a two-minute skit on stage while wearing your cosplay.

Beyond the Masquerade on the first weekend, a traditional Cosplay tournament will also take place. There are three main categories, all of which are based on experience levels. All three categories will be judged on the second weekend of the Rand Show.

  • The Newcomer Category is open to newcomers, casual cosplayers, and kids aged 6 through 15. Every age group will have their own spot in the First, second, and third place. Intermediate and experienced cosplayers will not be allowed to enter this category.
  • The intermediate category is called the Like a Boss category. Just like the Newcomer Category, Like a Boss will allow anyone to enter but experienced cosplayers. This means that, while it is not clear how the show will judge experience, beginners are welcome to enter.
  • The Beast Mode category is for experienced cosplayers only. It is also open to beginner and intermediate cosplayers, but are best suited for cosplayers who have attended a few showcases in the past. Cosplayers who want to participate in this category are encouraged to have lots of experience with making their own costumes and being the center of attention.

Online registrations for both the Rand Show Cosplay Masquarade and Formal Tournaments take place between 25 February 2019 and 31 March 2019. The Cosplay Masquerade will then take place on the first weekend of the Rand Show 2019, whereas the Traditional Tournament will take place on the second weekend. Both competitions will take place in the Rand Show Gaming Entertainment Pavilion, in Hall 9. Registrations open on 25 February 2019 and can be found at this link.

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