Since teasing us all at E3 2017, THQ Nordic has remained largely silent about their upcoming post-apocalyptic game about mutant bunnies and racoons. However, the company has finally unmasked a little bit of the mystery that is BioMutant. The information comes in a new BioMutant gameplay trailer!

The new Biomutant gameplay “sizzle” shows off quite a bit of the game. From indigenous lifeforms to epic buildings, vast and beautiful landscapes, robots, and… a Sarlacc pit? Whatever it is, it looks great.

BioMutant will also feature a whole lot of customisation. Characters, for example, can be completely customised. I am talking genders, body types, fur, and even fangs. There is also a hefty character progression system that will tie directly into the character customisation. This includes adding mutations and robotic parts, such as wings, claws, and legs.

In BioMutant, players will go on a journey focussed on the “Tree of Life”. In the game, the tree is slowly dying. Given the tree theme, the game will feature ‘branching’ storylines that will directly affect the outcome of the story; and a karma system that will have an impact on characters in the world and whether party members join you.

Beyond the critters and creatures, the Biomutant gameplay trailer also shows off the game’s open world environment, possible mounts and ways of travel. Yes, it also shows, what I truly believe to be, a Sarlacc Pit. Complete with teeth, endless void and probably bad breath too.

BioMutant has no confirmed release date, but developers Experiment 101 wants the game to be as good as it can be. As such, it will not feature a single fetch quest and will also feature “secret discovers” for exploring. Meaning that players will always be rewarded for scouring the map.

Judging from only the Biomutant gameplay trailer, the game is looking good. Only time will tell if it will live up to the hype. The game is slated for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows and will likely release sometime in 2019.

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