Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that all PlayStation Plus members qualify for a Spotify Premium discount.

This is an incredible deal for the thousands of Spotify listeners and active PlayStation Plus members out there. If you are a PlayStation Plus member; you no doubt have seen the Spotify ads all over the PlayStation home screen, now there is a real reason for it.

By signing up for Spotify Premium, PlayStation Plus members will automatically get 10% off their Spotify bills. It must be noted that players must download Spotify via the PlayStation Store, and sign in or upgrade their membership via the app in order to qualify.

Unfortunately, because the deal only applies to members who own a PlayStation 4, PlayStation Plus members with a PlayStation 3 or Vita will not benefit from the deal. The reason for this is that you have to do everything via the PlayStation 4 app. Personally, I do not get why you cannot just link your PlayStation account to your Spotify account. Why must PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita owners be neglected from this deal just because they do not have the newest console?

Spotify only recently came to South Africa, which means that South African members can also get in on the deal. Spotify is a neat on-demand music service that allows you to listen to music in the background, while you play your favourite PlayStation titles. Having Spotify Premium will make it even easier to listen to your favourite tunes.

An active PlayStation Plus membership will set you back R109 per month. With it, you get free games and special discounts on the PlayStation Network. The current Spotify Premium discount will set you back only R54 per month – that is an active discount of R6.

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