Gunhouse is a weird little puzzle-platformer with tower defence elements. It originally released on PlayStation Vita in 2014. Since then, the game has had a release on the Google Play Store for Android, Apple’s Appstore for iOS, and even PC via the Windows Store. All it lacked was a release on a modern console. Today, that changes.

Gunhouse hits Nintendo Switch in what can only be described as one of the quietest launches I have seen for such a likeable little game. Brandon Sheffield, Creative Director at Necrosoft, states that since PlayStation mobile (Vita) died out, they have searched to bring the game to new audiences. As such, Sheffield says that Nintendo’sSwitch is the perfect home for Gunhouse”. According to him, many people have “been lost to [Gunhouse’s] addictiveness” as some fans have played it for over “80 hours and counting”.

The biggest reason for current players to upgrade to the new release is the sheer number of upgrades it has. There are more enemies, higher-resolution graphics, more stages, rotating goals and even more story.

In Gunhouse, players have to “do puzzle stuff in a weird tiny grid”. This will let players “add guns to their house” so that they can “shoot at the enemy invaders that want to steal your orphan children”. It is actually quite simple, really. It also features a unique art style, courtesy of Juan Ramirez, music by the talented Fez and Hyper Light Drifter composer, Disasterpeace; code and design by Jim Crawford who made Frog Fractions; and as mentioned above, direction and design from Brandon Sheffield… you know, the guy who helped on Oh, Deer!, and Sine Mora EX.

If you are keen, you can pick the game up for just $20 USD (~R240 ZAR) on the Nintendo eShop page. Otherwise, the game is available on most other platforms, including iOS and Android. Necrosoft also states that the game will soon be on PlayStation 4, as a cross-buy title, which means that as long as it is tied to your PlayStation account, you can play it on PS Vita, and PlayStation 4.

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