Collector’s Editions. We all love them. Now, God of War has given us yet another reason to be excited for the game. A new listing by Gamestop has revealed a God of War Collector’s Edition that is, quite simply, incredible. Giving us all just one more reason to invest in Kratos’ latest adventure on the PlayStation 4!

Called “Stone Mason Edition”, this edition of God of War (2018) includes digital, as well as physical stuff. By physical, I really mean, “super awesome statues and then some”. Yes, the Stone Mason Edition includes an awe-inspiring nine-inch statue of Kratos and his son Atreus, made by Gentle Giant. The two stand side by side in what seems to be a fight. What they are fighting, however, looks like a pair of undead enemies.

In the description, the Stone Mason Edition includes a limited steelbook case, 2” Huldra Brothers Carvings, an exclusive lithograph, a cloth map, and a Stone Mason’s Ring. There are 2” Horse and Troll Carvings, and a Mimir’s Head Talking Keychain. All of this, and the aforementioned statue from Gentle Giant.

That may be all in terms of physical goodies, but on the digital end, it includes:

  • Defender of the Chosen Shield
  • Death’s Vow Armour Set
  • Exile’s Guardian Shield
  • God of War Digital Comic #0 by Dark Horse
  • God of War Digital Mini Artbook by Dark Horse
  • Exclusive God of War Dynamic Theme

One thing is certain: in terms of “Collector’s Editions”, this one sets the bar. The nine-inch Kratos and Atreus statue is made by Gentle Giant, makers of incredibly detailed statues based on popular things in and around the geekosphere. The average statue costs more than $150 USD on their online store. In addition to the beautiful statue, I am keen to see how beautifully carved the other trinkets are. Also, steelbook cases. Who does not love a good steelbook case?!

For those who are interested, the Stone Mason God of War Collector’s Edition is now available for pre-order and will set fans back $150 USD. Not bad, considering all the physical goodies you receive.

Interestingly enough, it appears as if South Africa is not getting the Stone Mason variant of God of War. Instead, we will be receiving the Collectors Edition. 

It is a little confusing at first, but the Collectors Edition is essentially the same as the Stone Mason variant. The only difference being that it comes without the ring, talking keychain, the ‘defenders of the chosen’ shield DLC, and the mini horse and troll carvings. Otherwise, they are practically identical.

With that said, it is currently available for pre-order with a suggested price of R1950.

In addition to the fantastic stone mason and collectors editions, there is also a limited edition, a ‘standard plus’ edition and a Digital Deluxe version of the game.

The limited edition goes for R990 and is essentially just the steelbook from the stone mason and collectors versions. It is designed to look like it came “straight from the forges of Midgard” and features a black and silver SteelBook that is embossed with the Huldra Bros logo. Unlike the two collectors editions, it comes with an actual physical copy of the art book by Dark Horse too. Of course, there are some cool in-game extras, like the digital Death’s Vow armour set, Exile’s Guardian Shield and a God of War PlayStation 4 theme.

The ‘digital deluxe’ version of the game goes for R1069 and is basically the digital version of the collector’s edition, minus the physical goodies (statue, steelbook etc). As such, in addition to the game, it also includes the bonus DLC shields as well as the following DLC content: Death’s Vow armour set, Exile’s Guardian Shield, Dark Horse digital comic, Dark Horse digital art book, and Dynamic PlayStation 4 theme.

The ‘standard plus’ edition of the game is just the game, without any added frills or bonuses. It is available for R890.

All variants of the game will be available when the game releases on the 20 April 2018, exclusively on PlayStation 4 systems.

[Editor’s comment – Hans: I really wish Sony would release this in a digital only version for people who have gone all digital this generation. Other than that, it looks incredible]

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