The recent news that Theme Hospital (1997) is being brought back to life as Two Point Hospital; is nothing short of fantastic. It has been decades since legitimately good simulation titles have been in the spotlight. Thanks to Two Point Studios, the team behind Two Point Hospital, our dreams of once again managing, building and maintaining a hospital will soon come to fruition.

The announcement trailer for Two Point Hospital makes it quite clear that the humour from the original game has remained intact. From the funny and interesting case of ‘Light-Headedness’ on display, through to tongue-in-cheek references of the hospital staff’s inadequacy, the game certainly seems like it has a great 90s feel to it. In addition to that, the announcement trailer also features a humorous Easter egg.

Anyone familiar with games made in the 80s and 90s will know that ‘tip lines’ were an actual thing. Stuck on that one level in Kings Quest VII? No worries, simply phone Sierra’s tips line and they would help you through the level. Back then, you could not simply Google an answer.

In addition to using the phone for tips, tricks and guides, marketing efforts in the 90s were also phone based. Chances are good that if you spotted a phone number in a game or advert, you could probably call it for some kind of response. This is one of the few gaming Easter eggs that has continued to flourish, even in modern games.

With that said, the announcement trailer for Two Point Hospital makes use of the very same Easter egg. The number in the trailer actually works! Naturally, the Vamers crew dialled it to see what would happen. SPOILER: they answered!

Dialling the number puts the caller into one of those automated voice services that most companies use. The call then switches between a robot voice and one of those ‘phone voices’ that explain the services and facilities available at Two Point HospitalHere is the full transcript of the call:

Oh hello. I didn’t see you there. For years at Two Point Hospital it has been our mission to help and to heal.

*Your call is moderately important to us. Please hold*.


At Two Point Hospital, we treat patients of all kinds.

*You are number 765 in the queue*


Out team of highly trained clinicians and support staff are dedicated to your well-being. We will do whatever it takes.

*If your call is urgent, please call Two Point Cemetery*


Two Point Hospital. Coming Soon. It is going to get weird.

*Goodbye caller*

*call ends*

I absolutely adore this little touch that Two Point Studios have added to their advertisement for the game. Although a small addition, it shows that the new studio has the same attention to detail that made the original game so good.

Two Point Hospital will be available in 2018 for Windows PC via Steam.

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