If there is one thing Blizzard does well, it is making new content and introducing it to the public. Overwatch (2016) and Hearthstone (2014), Blizzard’s hero shooter and card battle game respectively, get new content updates as the seasons roll by. Many times those updates are accompanied by cute trailers or animated sequences. Now the company’s Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) is also getting its share of awesome trailers. Only this time it is a full-on anime video for the MechaStorm story arc.

The anime trailer introduces a brand new chapter to the game. One that continues with the space opera that started with Leoric and Li-Ming. Abathur is the evil villain. Rehgar and Tyreal are the heroes to save the day. Better yet, it all happens in their new MechaStorm skins. As a mecha suit anime lover, I would adore a series based on this to be released on Crunchyroll.

Abathur, Rehgar and Tyreal will each get three new skins, while a fourth hero, Dehaka, will only get a single new skin. All skins can be found in loot chests or forged with shards that are earned by receiving duplicate items. There is also a mecha-themed Tyreal pack that has unique sprays and emotes.

Blizzard has also announced that a MechaStorm bundle will soon be available for the game. This bundle includes Abathur, Rehgar, and Tyreal with their new skins. The company stated that each character will get their own, smaller, bundle in case players only want a specific hero kitted out in the new MechaStorm gear.

All bundles, skins and extras will be available for purchase from the from 29 January 2018 . They can also be purchased with gems, Blizzard’s premium in-game currency. Heroes of the Storm is a free MOBA, available on Microsoft Windows and MacOS.

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