Injustice 2 is excellent. It is, quite possibly, one of the best fighting games I have played, and for good reason. It features an amazing story and looks absolutely incredible while delivering said story. Now the game is coming to PC, and I can only imagine how brilliant it is going to look and play.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment confirmed that the acclaimed brawler will make its way to Steam from 14 November, 2017. It is likely that all of the downloadable content (DLC) and fighters will also be made available for purchase. It has also been confirmed that Polish Studio QLOC, which was responsible for Mortal Kombat XL’s port to PC, will also be responsible for porting Injustice 2.

NetherRealm’s super powered fighter has seen massive critical acclaim since its release at the beginning of 2017. I gave the game a score of 8.4, citing its sublime performance, stunning visuals, and cinematic campaign as strengths that are not often seen in fighting titles.

In recent months, Injustice 2 has received three full-fledged new fighters in the form of its first Fighter Pack and is now in the middle of rolling out its second batch of fighters. The first Fighter Pack contained the likes of Teen Titans star, Starfire, NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat veteran SubZero, as well as DC Comics vigilante, The Red Hood. The new Fighters Pack currently rolling out features Atom, another Mortal Kombat veteran Raiden, and, last but not least, Hellboy. Personally, I am super excited for the latter’s release!

Along with the release date news is the reveal that an open-beta will take place on PC from 7 November. No end date was provided for the open-beta, but it will most likely last until the game’s official PC launch on 14 November 2017. The beta has most likely been put in place so that NetherRealm Studios can make sure that all servers are ready to go and all balance checks have been made for the PC audience.

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