I was the type of kid that begged my parents for some extra pocket money. I would scrounge up every single cent I got, all month, just so that I could get that super awesome Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Disk.

My friends and I used to imagine huge battles with our duel monster cards. With every generation of card game that came out, the entire cycle repeated. Those imaginary duels only got bigger. Then adulthood came knocking.

Now, with Virtual Reality, those past imaginary battles have “literally” resurfaced. I seem to continuously yell “FINALLY” every passing Virtual Reality (VR) related announcement… And now, my heart just skipped a beat.

Ascension, a fast-paced deck building game that I have been following, is getting a VR version! My Yu-Gi-Oh! dreams might just come to life, as a result.

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Ascension, created by Stone Blade Entertainment, is a game that is all about deck-building. The aim is to be a much more accessible Magic: The Gathering alternative. It is easy to set up, learn, and quick to play. Before Hearthstone took over my life, this was one of the many digital card games that I dabble in.

Now, with Ascension VR, the card game will become even more immersive. Using the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets, players can either play by themselves, or with friends. Courtesy of fully animated 3D avatars, players will be immersed into the virtual space of Ascension VR. In Multiplayer, avatars will even use fancy animation and stylised voice chat in order to mimic the player on the other side.

Ascension VR will have 52 heroes, constructs and monsters to choose form when building a deck. This is quite a number — as such, it will ensure creative freedom while building a deck specially made for you. These decks can then be played via single- or multiplayer. Moreover, the multiplayer aspect has cross-platform support. This means that HTC Vive players and Oculus Rift players can play against one-another seamlessly.

Ascension VR is available now for $9.99 USD (~R120 ZAR).

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