The Deus Ex franchise has always been heavy on cinematic trailers. As such, the release of the Deus Ex Mankind Divided launch trailer has us rather excited.

The new launch trailer from Square-Enix and Eidos Montreal does an excellent job of showcasing the game’s cyberpunk themes and futuristic aesthetics that create an immersive world of intrigue and action. It is a wonderful blend of in-game engine gameplay and pre-rendered animation.

As is custom with most triple-A titles, the launch trailer gives players on the fence one lust nudge toward purchasing the game. The Deus Ex Mankind Divided launch trailer is no different. It shows a world ravaged by hate and indifference, one that is completely different from the world seen in Human Revolution.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided sets off two years after the events of Human Revolution. A software malfunction (or illuminati hack depending on who you are asking) caused augmented people to go crazy. The event subsided quickly, but not without hundreds – if not thousands – of casualties and injuries. Martial law now rules the streets and the world is at war.

The trailer shows Human Revolution protagonist, Adam Jensen, in all his augmented glory. Quickly confirming that his body is capable of doing much more than he originally thought.

It seems as if the game will have some narrative set in place to answer for fancy new upgrades not available in the previous game. It then jumps through a number of scenarios that showcase the way players will be able to play.

Invisible augmentations and quick, teleport-like skills for stealthy folks; a big black mass of nano armour and strength augmentations for the brutes out there; and even high-tech hacking augmentations for the inner hacker in all of us.

The new trailer looks great, and I look forward to getting my mitts on the game.

[Source: YouTube]

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