Just like Netflix’s mission to bring back the 80 and 90s, it seems that Nintendo is hellbent on doing the same. The Japanese company recently announced the Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition, a mini version of the console that defined a generation of gamers. In addition to the announcement, there is now also a Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition advert, and it is wonderful throwback to the 80s.

The video is a neon frenzy, complete with a VHS introduction and a bombastic power-ballad in the background. It even ends on the familiar tagline from the 80s: “now you’re playing with power”. Basically. it is, like, totally kickin’! Nintendo describes the NES as “the most nostalgic gaming console ever”, and we totally agree with that statement.

The Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition advert takes us all back to the good old days where we took over our parents massive television sets just so we could play Super Mario and Donkey Kong. The video also shows a couple of the titles that fans will be able to play on the console. Moreover, the 30 pre-installed classics on the console have been updated to be a lot more crisp and detailed to accommodate High-Definition displays. It is the first time that gamers get to see the little beast in action.

The system will be released on 11 November 2016. The Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition is available to pre-order through Raru.com for a cool R989 ZAR. Inside the box, you will find a Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition, and a Mini Classic controller.

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