Samurai Jack, perhaps the one true cartoon that taught me the meaning of revenge and the importance of where home is, will be returning later this year.

Adult Swim picked up the license for the series last year and teased that it may be returning to a television set near you very soon. At the Adult Swim’s Toonami panel at Anime Con 2016 in Los Angeles, series creator Genndy Tartakovsky showed off an eight minute behind-the-scenes video that showcased some making-of footage; which is sure to make old fans of Samurai Jack smile form ear to ear.

Samurai Jack centers around Jack, a samurai who was sent forward in time by the evil wizard Aku. Jack then travels back through time and space in order to undo the wrongs that Aku has done and eventually make his way back to ancient feudal Japan. A recurring element throughout the show was the pseudo-futuristic settings that Jack always found himself in as he tried his best to get home. Episodes often featured time-scapes that were warped by Aku’s evil ways, with strange and unusual customs that required Jack to ‘fix’ by battling Aku’s henchmen. When facing Aku, Jack almost always failed, but he never gave up.

Samurai Jack ended on a massive cliffhanger in 2004, one that never offered closure to a majority of the plot-lines that opened up at the start of the show; which had many fans very angry and left wanting for more. 12 years later, and it seems that we might finally be able to get that closure that we have all been waiting for.

With that in mind, however, Tartakovsky mentions in the featurette that the new series will take place some years after the end of the previous series. Although some of the old threats and storylines will be picked up and finished, the show will basically be rebooted with a new plot and where a lot has changed from the past. Tartakovsky mentions that the finale and the first episode will have no connection and that it is possible for anyone to pick up and watch the show without having seen the previous seasons. This is a story of redemption, with a “lost” Jack who had the events of the past change him quite a bit. Series 5 will also bring the return of Aku (you know, since Jack never did manage to get his revenge in 2004).

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