In an interesting move by the Seattle technology giant, Microsoft has released a brand new keyboard for Apple’s iOS. Known as ‘Word Flow‘, it allows iPhone users to type easily using only one hand, while still looking pretty neat.

With the introduction of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, typing with one hand became a lot harder due to the increase in the size of the phones, especially if you have small hands. Word Flow aims to rectify this by offering a neat little one-handed keyboard mode that curves in the direction of the user’s hand, whether they are left – or right handed, via a swipe option on the upper corners of the keyboard. The app also uses predictive text which means the keyboard learns new words and then adds them to its already large dictionary.

Word Flow can also be customised similarly to how Windows 10 and Windows Phone 10 can be customised. Users need simply choose an image and apply to the keyboard through its dedicated settings, and the keyboard will look pretty nice regardless of what image users choose. Those of us who prefer the default theme of the keyboard are also covered, as the Word Flow theme dynamically switches between a sleek white keyboard that fits right into the Messages Facebook app, and iMessage; and a beautiful dark keyboard that fits right into the contextual menus during calls or system checks and other dark apps that take advantage of iOS 9’s dynamic keyboard APIs.

The app is only available on the US App Store for the moment. However, taking  Microsoft’s acquisition of Swiftkey back in February into consideration, it is safe to assume that the app will be available to iOS users around the world before too long.

[Source: The Verge]

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