Maisie Williams became an overnight sensation in 2011 for her incredible role as Eddard Stark’s youngest daughter, Arya Stark, in the first season of HBO’s hit show, Game of Thrones. The young actress has since become a household name with a character that has gone on to become a heroine in her own right, and which continues to grow from strength to strength through each new season. Without spoiling too much, it is safe to say that Arya is one of the few people who always has the viewers undivided attention for she might have the power to influence the outcome of this ‘game of thrones’.

To celebrate having reached the 1-million follower milestone on Twitter, Maisie announced that she now has her own YouTube channel. She actually teased the presence of her YouTube via her Instagram account, where she showed herself editing what looked like video clips on her MacBook. She obviously finished whatever she teased, for the first video on her YouTube went live today.

The four-and-a-half minute video has Maisie taking some time to address a few popular fan questions; like detailing her pet peeves and even makes a mention of her relationship status. The video also contains a spoiler for her character from the season five finale of Game of Thrones [thanks a lot for that Maisie – Hans], so just be careful if you do watch her video (the spoiler occurs at 02:20).

The video is aptly titled “Welcome to my channel“, and already has over 40,000 views and well over 30,000 subscribers, and counting!

Welcome to YouTube Maisie!

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