If you own an Oculus Rift then you can now boldly go where no man has gone before in a newly released demo that features the bridge of the Starfleet’s USS Voyager starship.

The demo, created by third party developer Thomas Kadlec using the Unreal 4 graphics engine, lets Oculus Rift users walk around a detailed and accurate recreation of the USS Voyager’s bridge whilst the starship travels through space.

The demo affords Oculus Rift users a glorious opportunity to become a member of starfleet and join the USS Voyager on a journey through space. Unfortunately, the demo lacks any real interactivity and only allows users to observe and listen to what is happening on the bridge versus being able to take part. Nevertheless, it is still rather cool.

The demo can be downloaded from the Oculus VR Developer Center for Oculus Rift owners, or alternatively can be viewed below for those who are not lucky enough to own the virtual reality headset.


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