In light of the up and coming Limited Edition Star Wars Themed Xbox 360 console and Kinect: Star Wars, both of which will be available locally from the 3rd April 2012, I thought that this find would be appreciated. The NirdHaus R2-D2 inspired ‘bird house’ is the most unusual Star Wars themed object I have had the pleasure of discovering.

Inspired by  R2-D2, this birdhouse is ideal for nature loving Star Wars enthusiasts. It will surely bring some fun ‘droid’ fanfare to your garden.

NirdHaus, the creator and seller of these ingenious hand painted garden accessories, also creates other comic book, video game and science fiction inspired decorations for the home, such as Mario and Luigi birdhouses and Spider-Man and Iron Man ornaments.

Just imagine how interesting it would be to have your very own ‘Tweety Bird’ nesting in Mario’s head or a Star Wars ‘nativity’ set defending your Christmas tree? NirdHaus can make it happen.

[Sources: NirdHaus]


Angeline, also known as AJ, is a self-confessed 'Anime Freak' and veteran cosplayer who enjoys exploring geek culture while embracing her 'inner child'.