Friday, October 23, 2020

AJ Sarakis

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Angeline, also known as AJ, is a self-confessed 'Anime Freak' and veteran cosplayer who enjoys exploring geek culture while embracing her 'inner child'.

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The Masked Girl Gamer

Am I a 'girl gamer'? From the view of a gender stereotype, yes, but I personally see no reason to sexually stereotype who I am. For all intent and purpose, I am just a 'gamer'.

News: Xbox 360 Special Edition 4GB Kinect Family Bundle

Microsoft have decided to offer a slight revamp to the Xbox 360 console by releasing a 'yang' to its current 'yin' with the 'Xbox 360 Special...

JHBGamers Marches On

On Saturday the 10th March 2012, the second event of the year for JHBGamers occurred. 'JHBGamers Marches on' took place at the beautiful and elegant Sandton...

Gaming inspired… Birdhouse?! Yes, Nirdhaus will make you one

The NirdHaus R2-D2 inspired 'bird house' is the most unusual Star Wars themed object I have had the pleasure of discovering.

The Darth Vader Burger

In some Star Wars related news, Quick (a Belgian fast food franchise, much like McDonald's) have recently released the limited edition "Dark Vador Burger" (only available from...