Creators United, along with Nexus Hub, will be bringing 24-hours of nonstop entertainment to gamers, geeks, and all-round tech-savvy folk on 27 and 28 July 2019. The live stream will bring all kinds of celebrities, influencers, industry professionals, and professional gamers together in an all-out live stream of epic proportions. All in the name of charity. 

If you are keen on the wonderful premise of donating to a good cause while also having a good time, Creators United will have you covered. Donating online is an easy enough task to accomplish, but the good folks at Nexus Hub have also confirmed that there are other ways to donate to the cause. As such, we have created a nice easy-to-follow guide on where, when, and how you can donate to help both Creators United and their charity of choice, the Abraham Kriel Bombanani organisation. 

Abraham Kriel Bombanani is a non-profit charitable organisation that provides care and skill development facilities for traumatised children. They also provide shelter for any displaced children who seek refuge from homes where they have been abused in any way. The ultimate goal for Creators United is to collect enough donations in order to put it towards a new van for the organisation’s Maria Kloppers Campus. There is even a little prize in it for anyone who donates!

Here are the ways that fans can support this cause:

Donate directly via FNB

Anyone interested to make a direct financial donation can do so via EFT payment. The complete beneficiary details are:

Bank: FNB
Beneficiary: Creators United
Account: 62818717467
Branch: 256755
Reference: Company or personal name and primary mobile number

Any amount is appreciated.

Donate VIA Paypal and Payfast

Creators United will also be hosting Paypal and Payfast links for fans who would rather donate via those means. The links will go live closer to the event date, and we will update this entry when it does.

Donate directly to the stream

Creators United partners will be live streaming to their preferred platforms throughout the entirety of the event. Aside from the Paypal and Payfast links, fans can also donate directly to these streams.

In addition to the many ways that you can donate financially, it is also possible to donate in other ways! There are a few things that Creators United would like to give to charity specifically, but everything is ultimately welcome.

Nexus Hub, situated at 21 Harley St, Ferndale, Randburg, 2194, will act as a drop-off and collection point for all donations during the event. If you are keen to help with real-life donations, or would rather not do transfers and payments online, there are several physical items that you can contribute instead.

These methods are as follows:

Donating entertainment products to the Nexus Hub

Beyond financial donations, Creators United will be working closely with Nexus Hub to secure all donations that are dropped off at their premises. Creators United is, ultimately, a gaming-focused organisation. As such, they ask that charitable fans donate old entertainment systems, peripherals, or even games. These will be provided to the various houses on campus, where children will be given the opportunity to experience entertainment in the way that more fortunate people do.

Donating clothing items to the Nexus Hub

Other than financial support and gaming-focused products, Creators United is also asking for apparel for their chosen charities. Creators United asks for anything that will help the children feel comfortable. This will go a long way to building their confidence, and to help them normalise and assimilate back into society.

Whether you prefer to do direct donations, get your name shouted out on live-stream, or just have an old PlayStation 2 lying around, know that there are others out there who would benefit from it. Whatever your poison, Creators United has you covered. Besides, who does not like giving back to those who need it more?

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