In a world where faith in humanity is fleeting, it is crucial to find outlets that not only keeps the magic alive, but also keep humanity from falling beyond the point of no return. There are countless means to do so, and charity work is, perhaps, the biggest and most rewarding option. Creators United is a non-profit organisation that aims to not only give back to charity, but also help entertain as many people as possible at the same time.

From 27 – 28 July 2019, Creators United will be bringing influencers, streamers, writers, photographers, artists and many more together, in what is set to be “an epic” 24-hour live stream. All with one singular goal in mind: to raise as much funds for charity as possible.

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The 24-hour live stream will feature a number of South African gaming individuals and teams, who will be streaming via their preferred platforms of choice. Creators United will be hosted by Nexus Hub, which will be supporting and hosting all influencers, industry professionals, and celebrities for the entirety of the event. Nexus Hub will also keep their doors open throughout the event and act as a collection point for any physical donations that fans might want to pass on to the less fortunate (more on that below).

Creators United aims to become a bi-annual event where all creators involved nominate their charities of choice, after which one will be chosen as the main charity. This time around, Nexus Hub has chosen the Abraham Kriel Bombanani Organisation. Abraham Kriel Bombanani is a non-profit organisation that provides care and skill development facilities for traumatised children. They also provide shelter for any displaced children who seek refuge from homes where they have been abused in any way. It is an organisation that some Vamers members have been known to support.

The primary objective of the 24-hour event is to raise at least R50 000 toward the purchase of a new van for Abraham Kriel Bombanani’s Maria Kloppers Campus. The campus desperately needs a new van for the transportation of their children to and from school.

While getting a new van for the Maria Kloppers Campus is key, Creators United also hopes that fans and charitable folk will open their hearts in other ways. Since the live stream will be largely entertainment and gaming focused, Creators United asks that the public donate entertainment products such as old consoles, peripherals, or even just video games that can provide hours of entertainment to the children. It must be noted that all kinds of donations will be welcome, regardless of the entertainment focus. Literally anything will help, of course. As such, Creators United also asks for clothing and items that might keep children warm during the cold winter months. As such, the Nexus Hub in Randburg will also act as a donation drop-off point – 21 Harley Street, Randburg, Gauteng.

Creators United, together with Nexus Hub, will be hosting a spate of industry professionals, and creators during the event. Charity is a core tenet at Vamers. We each have our own favourite charities that we often donate to. Regardless of who our favourites are, however, any and all charitable work is always a good thing in our books.

You can find out more about Creators United from the Nexus Hub website, and we encourage you to keep an eye on the Creators United social pages for updates on whether or not your favourite online celebrities will join in on the fun.

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