Mad Catz is bringing back the E.S. Pro earbud range, and they look amazing. According to the company, the ES PRO+ Gaming Earbuds will deliver comfort and quality without the weight. They are supposed to look sleek, modern, and, most of all, act like proper gaming peripherals.

The newly formed Mad Catz Global Limited refreshed their popular earbud range with the new ES PRO+ Gaming Earbuds. Since they are earbuds, they forgo the traditional headset design in favour of a much lighter and smaller product. Instead of going over the ear, they go in the ear. Mad Catz says the ES PRO+ Gaming Earbuds are “versatile, lightweight, and highly portable” — an ideal solution for tournament play.

The ES PRO+ Gaming Earbuds also do not require any additional software to work. The simple plug-and-play design allows the earbuds to be plugged into any computer. This allows the earbuds to work wherever you go and on basically any gaming device.

The ES PRO+ Gaming Earbuds feature enlarged 13.5mm drivers in each bud and come with an additional microphone option that provides “crystal-clear clarity” for online chat. The optional mic is also detachable and sits near the mouth. It offers even greater communication in close quarters thanks to its filter and design.

Mad Catz is also staying true to the superior adaptability the brand is known for by offering the ES PRO+ in an assortment of sizes. The company says that the earbuds are designed to stay put during “even the most frantic of gaming sessions”. It features ergonomic arms gently holding the earbuds in place. It also comes with a 1.5-meter-long cable that allows for free movement. The earbuds also feature an in-line volume and mute control.

It seems that fans of the brand have the recent surge in Battle Royale popularity to thank for reviving the range. Selena Chang, director of sales and operations at Mad Catz, commented that gaming audio is the “leading category in gaming accessories”. She added that it is driven largely by the success of “Fortnite and other Battle Royale games”.

The ES PRO+ Gaming Earbuds have also recently started to ship across Europe, and are available from leading gaming retailers such as Amazon, Saturn, and LECLERC.

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