The Dark Pictures is an all new anthology series from Supermassive Games. Man of Medan is the first entry in the new series. It is a tale of four young Americans who embark upon a diving trip where they find a rumoured World War II shipwreck. This ship is at the heart  of an all new developer diary about the game. The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan’s Ghost Ship dev diary offers an intense look at how these young people will soon run into more than they bargained for. Especially after a storm transforms their voyage into something far more sinister.

The video itself is pretty straightforward. It alludes to how the studio has had a pretty challenging time sourcing decent inspiration for the game’s 60-year-old ship. As a workaround, production designer Lee Robinson says that the team instead researched how ships rust and decay. They then exaggerated those features to create a rundown setting for Mad of Medan.

Along with Robinson, audio director Barney Pratt and Art Director Robert Craig also talk about how they brought Man of Medan’s Ghost Ship to life using a model based on architectural drawing. They then packed it with proper camera angles, lighting and atmospherics to create the tension, suspense, and claustrophobic environment that the “game demanded”.

In order to create the sounds for the game, the dev team had to get a first-hand experience with those sounds in real life. This means that the team needed access to a military vessel similar to the one they were creating. They then used the reference vessel as the basis for the recordings they took. Pratt explains that they recorded door latches, mechanisms, and even direct interactions with the environment, only to name a few.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is set to release someone in 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

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