World Wide Entertainment is joining in on the christmas spirit! The American entertainment and media company has dropped details on the WWE SuperCard Holiday Promo.

The “inaugural WWE SuperCard Season 5 update”, or WWE SuperCard Holiday Promo, will bring fans new Winter Wonderland promotions and a brand-new game mode with new cards, a new card event, and special Winter Wonderland themed cards and ingredients.

The new game mode is a returning mode from the previous season of WWE SuperCard. However, this time it is back and better than ever with Over the Limit. A mode that lets players collect “hype” cards that can be used towards solo rewards as well as rewards for the entire community. By taking part in Over the Limit, players will individually build up to an event card as well as contribute to a group reward for everyone who reached the minimum hype level. The first Over the Limit event began on 13 December, with more events taking place throughout the rest of December.

Winter Wonderland will also let players fuse specialised winter-themed ingredients for unique Holiday 2018 cards. These cards are unique and limited to this year’s Winter Wonderland only. These ingredients will also allow players to upgrade their Superstar cards from Goliath rarity, all the way up th the Shattered tier.

Developer Cat Daddy Games and WWE states that the WWE SuperCard Holiday Promo will only last until 1 January 2019. This means that players have around two weeks to add all of the Winter Wonderland additions to their collections. Thankfully, WWE SuperCard is a free-to-play card game for iOS and Android.

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